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Feel comfortable leaving your baby with us. We provide them a safe environment that they can excel in.

Get compassionate care for your infant

We know it is hard to leave your infants with new people. That's why we, at My School Too, of San Antonio, TX, focus so much time, attention, and care into making sure that they'll be loved and cared for the same way you would while they're in our daycare center.

Entrust to us the task of providing love, care and attention to your infant while you are busy at work.

We have been proudly providing the best possible care to your children, since the last three decades.

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Do you have specific questions in mind?

The Infant Room has no set schedule. We have a separate room and follow the schedule that the parents have given the staff.


Each child’s emotional, social, physical and developmental needs are met at the appropriate time each day.

Infant program schedule:

We strive to develop and educate your baby

From developmental activities to our educational curriculum, we can provide your child with the necessary skills and activities to help advance their education in the long run.


The flow of our learning development progresses through sensory and motor activities as well as social and cognitive skills will help your child start their learning development off right.


Bring these items for your child:

• Diapers and wipes - we

  recommend you bring a large  

  package of each to leave at the


• Diaper cream

• 2 full changes of clothes

• Formula and any food

• Tylenol and any teething aids

• Sunscreen and bug spray (for  

  infants older than 6 months.)

Growth encouragement through:

• Communication

• Gestures

• Facial expressions

• Laughs

• Physical awareness through

  leg exercises

• Head control and mobility

• Crawling, climbing and